Company '' Emma-93 Ltd '' has over 20 years’ experience in producing machine embroidery.

Drafting of embroidery project is made on our specialized for this software. The project is calculated on the basis of stitches that determine the price of the embroidery and the program as well as the time which it takes for the automated embroidery machine to fulfill its assignment.

The complexity of the inscription, image or logo, also affect the price.

Our embroidery projects are characterized by:

  • Optimal number of stitches and high quality embroidery;
  • Stitches are estimated in advance;
  • Embroidery projects are executed within the term;
  • Embroideries are fashionable and they have artistic value;
  • Competitive and attractive prices;
  • Before sending the project we embroider  the pattern;
  • When there is an error of the operator the embroidery project can be returned an unlimited number of times until achievement of the required quality;
  • Small adjustments to the design of the embroidery are not paid;
  • Sketch project, photos and more.
It is normally used format Tajima DST, but also others DOS and different from DOS formats, such as ZSK, BARUDAN, HAPPY, MELCO.