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Wall panel: ‘‘Delio rebel has come out‘‘ - sent in Space

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For wholesalers, prices are negotiable. When Ordering Over 100 BGN - FREE DELIVERY.

Image: Delio rebel is portaited on the wall panel, as well as Zlatograd authentic house and mountains typical for the region.

Materials: The wall panel is made entirely of natural materials.

  • Fabric: 100% jute.
  • Wool: sheep, dyed, thrust combed, shaped by technology '' plastene '' ornamented under the embroidery.
  • The wooden parts: natural beech

Suitable for: gift, taverns, pubs, Konatsi - resting places, ethnic complexes.

Patented innovation of embroidery with natural materials and folklore.

The set includes: wall panel with a rope, bag and description.

Dimensions of the panel: 30 cm to 40 cm.

Story: “Delio rebel has come out” is a Bulgarian folk song, from the region of Zlatograd (Rhodope folklore region)
In 1977, the song interpreted by Valya Balkanska is included in Voyager Golden Record of American spacecraft "Voyager 2" and "Voyager 1" as a musical message from Earth to outer space. In the golden disk launched into space says "Delio rebel" - the song of a shepherd.
Delio rebel was born in Belovidovo (today Zlatograd). He acted with a detachment in Central Rhodopes. He is best known for his activities against forcible Islamisation of the Rhodope Bulgarians. In 1720 he was the head of united rebel bands that attacked the village of Raykovo (today, district of Smolyan) to revenge for the murder of 200 raykovchani /people from Raykovo/, who refused to accept Islam. According to the legend, "Delio cannot be “caught” by a bullet, Delio cannot be cut with a sabre," his enemies shot him with a specially cast silver bullet.